Mosaics are the ideal element for decorating any environment as creativity is the only factor that sets the limit, allowing this art to be adapted to any decoration style. Although mosaics and painting are considered to be parallel disciplines, the first ones are more resistant and durable.
I discovered mosaics by chance. It was my career as a teacher and instructor of empedrado granadino (a technique to decorate the pavement by creating shapes with a special type of stone) what led me to expand my professional goals into another ways of decorating pavement (mosaics) when I had to teach several non-formal courses at Centro Albayzín (Granada, Spain). My interest in this kind of minor art became a way of life for me. Since then, I focused my career on this activity by dedicating myself completely to create and elaborate several decorative pieces as plant pots, tiles, decorative boards and murals among others. I am Juan Antonio Orellana and I hope that you like my creations.

Artesania en mosaico · Examples...
Materials easy to find nowadays are used
Mosaics are made by using the same techniques and tools that were used in the early stages of this art
Any environment can be decorated or created as my work can be adapted to the customer’s preferences